Edmund Lehmann

Chief Executive Officer


Edmund Lehmann profile picture

Ed set up and runs his own fund, investing in financial markets as well as start up ventures where he has a particular interest and relevant experience to offer. He is also an active member of the London Business Angels Network for angel investors. Ed spent most of his career in the energy industry, in commodities trading and business development at Shell and BG Group. He’s greatly enjoyed entrepreneurial roles he’s been lucky enough to hold, as well as being able to travel to and do business in many different countries, cultures and societies.

Outside work, Ed is Chairman of the board of ReachOut, a mentoring charity helping to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people in inner cities children in London and the North West. He is also an active supporter of the Roundhouse Trust. Ed holds the bilingual Masters in Business Administration from IESE Business School.

Manuel Corpas, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer/Founder


Dr. Corpas is an experienced researcher, trainer, and scientific communications strategist. Since 2017 he is founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Cambridge Precision Medicine Ltd., a company focused on helping clinicians make more accurate diagnoses. Among his current activities, he is the exclusive international organising partner of the Longevity World Forum and the director of the first Precision Medicine Online Course in Spanish. In addition, he also teaches intensive courses in Precision Medicine in London and New York twice a year and chairs the Precision Medicine Track at the BioData World West in San Francisco, California. His upcoming projects include the editorial of a topic on personal genomics in the Frontiers in Genetics journal and the organisation of the Personal Genome Conference at the Wellcome Campus Conference Centre. Dr. Corpas is a prolific author and speaker, currently with ~50 authored scientific publications and the acclaimed ‘Perfect DNA’ book; a speculative futuristic novel exploring the ethical and social implications of personal genetic testing in society.