Personal Genomics Zone [Letter to readers]

Blog Branding & Mission


On February 17th I changed the name of the blog to ‘Taking Genomes Personal‘. After some more thought about the aspirations for this blog and domain name practicalities, it gets rebranded today as Personal Genomics Zone. I don’t expect this name to change again for the foreseeable future.

All the traffic to will now be redirected to the Personal Genomics.Zone address.

You may have noticed a change in the frequency and relevance of presented posts to Personal Genomics. Personal Genomics Zone will have a greater focus on the science, investigations and adventures of people’s lives in┬áPersonal Genomics with a tinge of provocativeness, peppered with occasional ┬áchallenging of the status quo .

A regular podcast, which will be called ‘Personal Genomics.Zone‘, will be published in this blog and be available via iTunes Podcasts (more info soon) to disseminate all the knowledge and dilemmas encountered as genome technologies affect real people.

Thanks for all your support.

Please make sure you share every relevant bit with friends and relatives!


Manuel Corpas

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